Cold email marketing is indeed a better way to initiate a conversation with your prospect. But it is little bit more difficult than it seems to be.

It’s possible to initiate the conversation if your email reaches the exact destination (i.e. the primary inbox).

To make that possible, cold email senders need to work on different factors that can help email land in the inbox, not in spam.

Before a cold email sender starts a campaign, they have to be careful about their desired goal. No matter how well-written and creative email is, it’s useless if it is flagged in the spam folder.

In this era of automation, you don’t need to go manually and fight all the roadblocks by yourself. 

There are plenty of free tools for email senders that can be your best friend throughout the whole journey.

Let’s see which email sender tools for your cold email campaign are a must-have for you.

Spam Checker

An email spam checker runs your email through the spam filter and detects the sent email destination. Spam checker helps show whether the emails fall in the primary inbox or in the spam folder and checks all the email clients such as Google, Outlook, etc.

If it indicates that the email would land in the inbox, then you are going in the right direction. And if it falls in the spam folder, then you need to work on it.

A free spam checker tool is an instant way to get the results you want in just 3 steps.

What are the perks?

  • Lower likelihood of ending up in spam
  • Positively influences your email sender reputation
  • Increases the deliverability rate as a whole
  • Helps you gain a high level of trust from ISPs and ESPs

DMARC Checker

DMARC is an email authentication, policy, and reporting protocol that stands for “Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance.”

The DMARC protocol protects against domain spoofing, which occurs when an attacker generates your email in order to execute phishing operations or business email vulnerability threats.

If you have set the DMARC protocol, the DMARC checker tool can help the domain to test it and get verified. With a free DMARC checker tool, you can take a single step just to enter your domain and find out if any external use is detected. 

Source: WarmupYourEmail

What are the perks?

  • Allows visibility to check out who uses your domain
  • Helps prevent unauthorized use of your domain
  • Gives your email visibility to be identified across the internet

SPF checker

Sender Policy Framework is an email authentication protocol that provides authority to the subnets to use your domain and publish information on your behalf.

It ensures that no one can utilize your domain until you give them the authority to do it.

This mechanism is based on DNS or Domain Name Service servers that verify and provide the sender IP addresses. 

SPF checker is a software tool that helps eliminate spam and fraud by making it even more difficult for spammers.

It authenticates that the source email is a valid email sender for the specific domain and has the approved list of IP addresses.

Source: WarmupYourEmail

What are the perks?

  • High chance to deliver emails in the inbox 
  • Give ISPs a reason to trust you
  • To follow the SPF protocol, you can initiate a campaign and gradually warm up your newly created email account

Email Validator

To initiate your cold email campaign, it’s necessary to have a list of recipients, but it must contain valid email addresses.

To make sure the collected emails are valid, an email validator is a must-have tool.

If your email list is not clean and contains unauthorized emails, there’s a high chance that the emails will land in the spam folder. 

Source: WarmupYourEmail

This improves email deliverability by deleting all unwanted email addresses from your list, lowering bounce rates by up to 98%.

You can use a free Email Validator tool to filter out typos, as well as spammy, blacklisted, and risky emails. This means fewer chances to hurt your sender reputation and will eventually increase your deliverability rate. 

What are the perks?

  • Helps protect your email sender score
  • Maximizes the efficiency of your email campaign
  • Keeps spam rates low and maintains high email deliverability


It’s important to know the significance of all the email sender tools that help cold email senders reduce trouble, time, and cost.

Warm Up Your Email provides many free tools that can boost your email sender reputation.

Let’s warm up your email to make your email marketing stronger by following all the protocols, establishing a reputation across the server, defending from the spammers, and validating the email list before starting your next campaign.